Team Building

We can bring the game to you.

There’s just no better way to get your team to pull together! (except perhaps using a whip!)

We have specific programs in place to facilitate better communication and group cohesion – these programs can be restructured according to your company or group’s specific needs.

Paintball as team building activity has several distinct advantages:

  • Great stress reliever – a definite must in today’s corporate world.
  • You will get to know the real person behind the mask (there’s just no way to keep on pretending if you get one on the …)
  • Good opportunity to identify natural leaders.

  • Like business, initiative and tactics is vital to ensure your team wins. Paintball is a much better way to demonstrate this than a boring talk in the boardroom After a relaxing day of real fun and laughter your employees will be revitalized and ready to meet every business challenge head on.

    Catering can be arranged on request.